Arts Vs. Crafts, who are they? they make the best bandanas for snowboarding. check them out

They wanted to have an event that was fun for riders, more like a fun day riding in the park with your buds, and at the end of the day someone wins a lot of cash. it was a Rider Judged jam style session, so who threw the best 9,5 and 1?!?!

1st Jordan Phillips $600
2nd Taka Nakuaura $300
3rd Matt Abott $100

1st Taylor Lysohirka $600
2nd Tyler Lightfoot $300
3rd Jonathan Chew $100

1st Darcy Keller $600
2nd Jordan Phillips $300
3rd Robbie Johnson $100

and of course honorable mention to Karen Mcnab & Jen Englot, who know how to throw down with the big boys.


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