it’s been a long time since i’ve taken my film camera out, and a nice day at the skatepark seemed to be right place. this is some special film, meaning expired c41 cross processed film (C-41 film consists of an acetate or polyester film base, onto which multiple emulsions are coated, Each layer is only sensitive to a certain color of visible light. In the classic illustrative example, there are three emulsions: one is red sensitive, another is green sensitive, and the last is blue-sensitive. The top layer is blue-sensitive. Beneath the blue layer is a yellow filter, composed of dyes or collodial silver. All silver-based photographic emulsions have some sensitivity to blue light, regardless of what other colors they may be sensitized for. This filter layer serves to remove the blue light, which would expose the layers beneath it. Beneath the blue-sensitive layer and the yellow filter are the green and red sensitive layers – wiki reference). it’s pretty crazy stuff.

skateboarding is Cail Reagh.


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