so unlike most people, i am most productive after the sun sets. after i’ve spent the whole day thinking about things to do or create, or do… it isn’t until dark that i get super creative or inspired to actually do the stuff. unfortunate cause sunlight is key for taking most kinds of photos. so i was sitting here in my chair thinking, and i like to take useless photos sometimes, and realized there are at least a million little things in my room that i love. so here are 10+ things i thought i would share with you!

Zenza Bronica SQ-A (circa 1982) Medium Format Camera : I’m currently borrowing this from a friend (I’ll get my own one day) and i love it. i love the simplicity. makes taking pictures so much more fun. looking through the top of the camera and adjusting everything ever so slightly… makes me feel like im in a different era (like the early 80′s!). i could be lost for ever with this thing and be completely content.

Photography – The Masters : a new picture book i picked up. images through the decades. love it.

BCBG sable heel in butterscotch {fall/winter 2010} : love these!!! picked them up in NYC on Madison Ave. They are 5.5 inches tall… which make me a giant, and are slightly hard to walk in for more then a couple hours. they stay protected on my shelf until i get the odd chance to wear them out (this is me lookin’ for a date) or unless i put them on randomly and wear them around my room…

Kodak Portra 120 film : soon to be developed… once i get to the city that is. true test of my photography skillz!

Chanel Chance : this one comes out occasionally. i love the smell, a bit strong at first as it is the eau de toilette. but fell in love with it on a trip to NYC in 2009.

LAVANILA vanilla coconut : this one is my most everyday scent. not the overdone coconut or vanilla, but a nice mix of the two. and made with ingredients that are good for the skin too! yummy.

RINGS! – i love rings. love love love. i usually sport one on each hand everyday. the bigger the better. the more unique the better. most of them bought from aldo, i know, not good quality but they usually have some great pics… like the big black flower one! pineapple guy came from LEO’s in calgary , avant garde jewelry. pretty lady came from hawaii. missin’ off the rack is a little number i picked up in NYC last september from Tarina Tarantino, vintage oval ring with a swarovski diamond!

TNA wool sweater : love this thing. keeps me very warm.

oakley holbrook sunglasses : these are my tuff guy glasses.

white roses : these were a gift pre valentines day from the ‘valentines day photo shoot’. the only flowers i received which have now sat on my desk for the last 2 weeks wilting to a dry krinkle. but i still like em’!

urban ears headphones – i like music, sometimes on the go, sometimes at the gym… i need a soundtrack to my life.

iphone : obviously can’t live without this thing.

nikon d3s – love love love. heart heart heart. exclamation point.

holden toque – i used to loose a toque every year… but then i got this toque, which has disappeared a couple times, i almost cried, but then it would show up again. i love this toque. finding a new toque is not an easy thing. the fit, the color, the shape, so many factors go into getting the right toque. fashionable yet functional… me and this toque = forever.

Urban Outfitters – BDG. boots – so another shoe, and another brown item. i like earth tones and neutrals. and i love boots and shoes!

theres some insight into my life right now. i love fashion and photography and finding those little unique accessories to fit into ones life. i don’t shop a lot, but when i do, i know what i like and what i don’t like. sometimes i leave the store with nothing! sometimes i leave with more then i should have… but. im a girl, what else can i say!

thanks for reading



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