i think this may have been one of the highlights of the trip. its not everyday you can sit on a beach {a highly noted surf beach for that matter} for over 2 hours and watch the local kids do what they do everyday. well, there may have been more then just the local kids as the ‘vans triple crown of surfing‘ was about to begin later that week! unfortunately i was unaware of that before we got there and we were leaving before it begun, fortunately it was about to be begin so i did get to see some amazing surfing. cute surfer boys in shorts, who would complain…

surf photography is an art in itself, of course i can sit on a beach and snap some pics, but mad respect for the pro’s who bob up in down in waves and more then likely get tossed around every few minuets. i could never be a pro surf photog as i would get sea sick every time and become shark food. tuff break.

check here if you want to see video footage of pipe masters.

if you like any of the prints please contact me for prices

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