part 2 of this journey.


iphone/instagram photos… because sometimes i just can’t have my camera on me all the time.

the loden hotel. was a very pleasant stay. they also rent out bikes, even though i had my own, still neat.

bike ride from downtown Van, around Stanley Park, around False Creek over to Granville Island to this really awesome restaurant where everything tasted sooo good! if your on Granville, don’t go anywhere else but here if you like good food. Edible Canada @ the market.

chocolate tart. as good as it looks.

after Granville island, we rode over to Gas Town and had drinks at Six Acres, which was another really cool spot. highlight: the beer/cocktail list and the people watching.

we then continued on our way back to the hotel. total bike riding of the night = 20 km!

and this is where my ‘real’ camera came out… and remember, all photos are copy righted to ME!

jj bean. best iced mocha ever!

the decor is pretty neat too.


totem poles are neat.

i love my bike.

west van.

Stanley park.

drift wood.

gas town. love this place.


chai + mocha lavender latte = yum

cafe medina, gas town. love.

brunch dates with friends. one of my favorite things to do.

waffle + raspberry caramel

their famous paelle, for good reason.

 back to the park.

english bay.

shoes + essentials


street performers. guy with fire.

about to do the Grouse Grind… kinda fun, but not really at all…

the top!

the tram.

old school groomer.

foggy tree’s. love.


city view.

on the way down.

dead or alive? or asleep?

the end.

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