SNOWBOARDING | camp of champs for one day #whistler

on my 2 week road trip, i was in whistler for a few days. before leaving, i considered bringing my snowboard as i thought maybe i’ll hit up the glacier for some summer boardin’. but, i also wanted to bring my bike, and well, my jetta just can’t fit everything in it, so i left my board behind. when i got to whistler, sure enough i was asked to come up and take some photos. luckily, i know some pretty awesome people and got hooked up with all the gear. so up i went with alberta boy gone whistler, Josh Bauer. met up with Steve-O from Banff and had some fun in the sun. and by sun i mean cloudy windy, snowy, sunny, cloudy, windy, sunny… mountain weather, ya know.

Josh just loves snowboarding!

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2 thoughts on “SNOWBOARDING | camp of champs for one day #whistler

  1. Jess I LOVE that photo of Josh smiling on the rail!! It seems to be unique! It’s charming! It made ME smile looking at it! hahahaha

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