sk8er boys.

mini ramp and Airdrie Alberta skatepark session.

skaters: Joshua Makorto, Ben Webb, Mitchell Chernoff, George Benjamin Homer aka Wolf Homer





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69 thoughts on “SUMMER SKATES

  1. I love these action shots! They’re so difficult to capture, but with the right equipment, you can portray a moment that is nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. Thanks for sharing these. The skaters really are graceful, if not crazy:)

  2. Beautiful! My only experience with a skateboard was when I was about 10, but I when I was in college I used to watch the X-Games and now I love watching skateboarding, parkour and all these incredible sports which take sooo much guts to perfect! Congrats on capturing the spirit of the sport, and on being freshly pressed!

  3. Beautiful photos! My husband skates and I am a photographer too… I appreciate these shots as I know it’s not easy to get some good action shots!

  4. Congrats on being freshly pressed! You did a great job of the essence of skating: no fancy tricks, no competitions – just a group of friends, chilling and having fun.

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