TORONTO // Working Holiday

Last month I flew to Toronto for the MasterCard Fashion Week to shoot runway. I had an amazing opportunity to photograph the Fall/Winter Caitlin Power collection. While in Toronto I took advantage of the fashion scene. I found this amazing studio downtown to use for my shoots. I had a few ideas of what I wanted and it all really came together within a couple of days. My stylist (and great friend), Reggie Tenchaves, and I had agreed on the studio space and had booked it ahead of time, getting the model and the clothes was another story. With it being fashion week, booking a model and pulling outfits for a Sunday shoot was gonna be a bit tricky. Luckily, it all came together in the end. Not only is Caitlin an exceptional designer, but also a great friend, so being able to pull a couple outfits from her current collection was a major plus! The shoots were for an editorial piece in the soon to be out We Like We Love Fashion Magazine. Meanwhile, heres some pics I snapped with my phone/ real camera of my trip!

The whole trip was a whirlwind. A working holiday has never been that fun. I loved walking around the quaint neighbourhoods with amazing architecture, walking around the busy streets of Queen and Spadina, and people watching in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

When I travel to a new city, I’m always looking for great coffee. I’ll try to avoid Starbucks, and opt for the local spots instead. I was directed to Lit Espresso Bar via Phil & Sebastian (my local coffee shop/roasters here in Calgary). It’s an awesome little coffee shop who serve Phil & Sebastien Coffee as well as Stump Town Coffee out of Portland Oregon. The staff were awesome and super knowledgeable and you could tell they loved coffee. So this place has now become my new destination every time I go to Toronto!


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