I love crunchy things, and I thought I hated chickpeas. Until a couple years ago I didn’t touch them. When I started learning more about food and educating myself in nutrition and diet, I discovered that these lil’ guys can actually be quite tasty! I love hummus, but who knew you could just stick em’ in the oven and have a crunchy snack, I didn’t! Homemade snacks are the way to go. After trying to eat fairly clean and cutting down on my sugar and processed food intake, eating simple, whole foods is much more satisfying.

Here’s how I made these:

1. Heat oven to 400 F.

2. Drain canned chickpeas (or soak bulk chickpeas overnight to soften up, and then drain) and spread evenly on baking sheet mixed with whole, unseasoned almonds, lined with parchment paper for quick clean up.

3. Drizzle chili oil (chill flake infused olive oil – homemade), cajun seasoning, and paprika over chickpeas and almonds.

4. Put in oven for 35-40 min, checking and tossing a few times.

5. Take em out, let em cool, eat em! Super Simple!


With the amount of protein in this mix, it’s perfect for road trips, at the office, or something to bring along as a go to snack. Yum!



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